Monday, July 23, 2007

CelebPixx v2.0

I've been working on this new design for weeks and it's been driving me batshit. You'd think that keeping the same template, but just adding an extra column - specially when the template has an option to add a third column - would be easy.

Think again. I've managed to get the columns and the top banner lined up and working, but there's still a couple of tweaks that I can't get right. The obvious one is the white background which is still the same width as the old two column template. Fuck me if I can't fix it. I think the main problem is that this template is for TypePad and it's been tweaked for Blogspot, then tweaked again by me.

I'd appreciate any feedback or advice from you all. Use the comments if you have anything to say. What do you think of the new template? Do you prefer the old template? Is there now too much information on the frontpage?

There is still some work to do. I don't like the top banner now it's expanded, so that's probably the first thing to change. Also, now the full babe index is on the frontpage there's really no reason to have a top 15 celebs section on the right-hand column. There's also a couple of bugs when you look at the site using IE, but you should all be using Firefox anyway like me.

To be honest I'm sick to death of working on this thing. I just needed to put it up and forget about it for a while. If it does turn out to be a disaster I've a copy of the old two column template to put back up.