Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Emily Booth in Pink Panties

I've just spent what feels like 100 hours digging through the CelebPixx email account, which I haven't gone near since I stopped the updates. Thanks to everyone who sent an email asking if I was OK, that was very unexpected and a nice touch. If anyone has sent me an email and I haven't replied then I probably missed it (there was over 800 in my inbox and over 2000 in my trash folder) so feel free to send it again.

There's not much really left to do now before I'm back fulltime. There's still a couple of minor things that need fixing and then we're good to go. The plan is for a couple of posts tomorrow then back to the full daily posts (including an end-of-day CelebLinxx, so send your links in) here and on Hot Wallpapers from Thursday onwards. As I'm here I thought I'd slap up a gallery from the archives just to make sure I still know how to do it.

And if you know me then you know that 'a gallery from the archives' means 'more Emily Booth photos from my seemingly endless supply'. I'd hate to let you all down, so here you go:

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