Friday, March 9, 2007

Top Ten Celebs

If you take a look over at our ever-increasing sidebar you'll notice a new section that lists our top ten celebs. This is done purely on a post count so it's no surprise that it's dominated by the headline-making, short-skirt-wearing, underwear-forgetting, sex-tape-starring, rehab-in-and-outing, car-crashing, head-shaving trio of La Hilton, Lohan and Spears.

Good to see some Brit girls in there though and if I have anything to do with it look out for Keeley Hazell to make a surge up the list - and since I actually do have everything to do with it don't be surprised when it happens. Although it would help if she drove at night drunk wearing sunglasses with a suspended licence, got out of the car in a micro miniskirt wearing no panties, shaved her head, check into rehab, check out of rehab and stagger into the nearest bar.

Well .... maybe not. I'll just settle for more topless photoshoots - and she already has the sex tape bit covered.