Friday, October 10, 2008

First Problem

A couple of hours back and I'm already running into problems. There's a new beta feature on Blogger that allows you to import and export posts between two different blogs. Because of this I thought it would be a simple job of getting our archives up on both blogs pretty quickly as draft posts, then spending a couple of days removing the SFW content from the NSFW blog and the NSFW content from the SFW blog before fully re-opening the blogs.

Unfortunately although the export part is working fine, I'm having problems importing posts. That means that I might have to do the bulk of the work manually.

I'll keep cracking on with it and we should be ready to go sometime next week, although it will probably take longer than I originally planned.

Also, while I'm working some links will be broken and pages will appear and disappear at times. Stick with us and normal service (in fact when it's all done I hope a much better service) will resume shortly.